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Brexitannia 50AB

A dark future.
It is Friday 13th Dec 2019 and the people of the UK have voted Boris Johnson as the Prime Minister. Oh the horror!

I’ve been wanting to return to a science fiction project for some time now and for the past couple of years various possible dark future scenarios have been playing around in my head, stirred by the political UK situation.
Science fiction has always seemed to thrive more on dystopian futures than utopian ones, so for me these have been "inspiring" times.

What had been holding me back in this work was the glimmer of hope that was Jeremy Corbyn and until today I found it difficult to throw myself into the project fully whilst still believing and hoping for a better future.

However the people have spoken. And the future is lost.
The darkness continues to envelope the country and I am now able to immerse myself in my work without the hindrance of hope.

Brexitannia 50AB

The referendum in 2016 for Britain to leave the European Union could be seen as the start. Right or wrong, it was the beginning.
Brexitannia year zero.

After a continual economic decline from which it never recovers, Britain now isolated from Europe and in fact from most of the world falls into a state of collapse.
The crumbling infrastructure finally breaks down completely after a state of digital attacks affect essential public services, government and banking systems.
The government doesn’t so much fall, but disappears as those wealthy enough to leave the country do so, and the rest like millions of others join the day to day struggle for survival for themselves and their families.
Monetary systems revert to exchange and bartering.
The supply of petrol into Britain stops.
Bicycles and walking are the main mode of transport and horses are soon seen as a valuable commodity.
With transport restricted, Britain has reverted to an almost medieval existence with pockets of society living mainly in isolation.
With continued global warming, freak weather storms hinder all.
It is a land of decaying cities, rural outposts and the unknown.
Lawlessness prevails.