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The "1st Reconnaissance Dragoons"

Design and development
The Ministry Of Defensive Science
Research Brief: to produce, train and develop a mounted Jurassic "Dragoon" unit.
Years of research and development have recently come to fruition with successful early test rides. The KAV208 clone has developed well and been given the new biological classification name "Azursaurus" due to it's distinctive blue colour. Researchers have also given the first developed clone (female) the name Geraldine.
With training underway, the abilities of the jurassic unit appeared well suited to a reconnaissance role and
with this role decided on, the formation of the 1st Reconnaissance Dragoons was agreed and is under development.
For further consideration is the possible role of the Dragoon units in the domestic setting eg. within the police force, with application in patrol and urban pacification.

Showreel of early test rides can also be seen at:
sm dragoon badge square